Are you two ready to have the relationship you really want?

Heart Compass Coaching
Programs and Services

For couples:

  • ReWrite Your Own Love Story©
    A highly personalized, couples coaching service designed just for you, and built around the issues you are facing in your relationship.  The overall goal is a return to love and peaceful, effective functioning in your day-to-day lives.
    For your specific goals, choose a coaching package for
    •3 months,
    •6 months, or
    • until you reach a specific goal.

If you are a same-sex couple, this is an especially effective approach for you.  Your unique needs as a same-sex or non-traditional couple are recognized and celebrated.  Appropriate approaches and tools for your needs as a couple are foundational with this approach so that you can get what you both need to have a happy, loving–and lasting–relationship. 415•710•6615

415•710•6615 or

  • Radical Romance® and Radical Marriage®
    Two exceptional coaching programs for committed couples and married couples designed by best-selling author and founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute, David Steele. Go through a step-by-step journey designed to uncover your deepest truths that may unconsciously impact your relationship.  Learn how to bring the real you into your communication, and experience an intimacy and passion like you’ve never experienced before.  For committed couples of any orientation.Leah is a Licensed Coach for Radical Romance® and Radical Marriage®.  Choose from a
    •3 month module taking you through the first Stage of the program,
    •6 to 9 month complete program, or
    •one year complete program and ongoing support for 3 months.
    -Radical Programs include coaching calls, assessments, workbook exercises, experiential exercises, audio lessons, recommended reading lists, VIP half day and Completion Celebration and access to Coach between calls.  415•710•6615

    415•710•6615 or

  • Conscious Dating® for Singles looking for a life partner
    Well-known and widely appreciated Coaching Program from Relationship Coaching Institute for Singles who want to change their dating experience into something positive–and effective.  Learn what is most important for you to do in your search for your life partner, and how your unconscious mindsets might be keeping you from finding the right person for you.  Find out what your red flags are when meeting potential partners, and learn how you can be 100% ready when your true love walks into your life.
    Choose between a
    •3 month module that takes you through the first Stage of Conscious Dating readiness, or
    •6 month complete program of Conscious Dating® or
    •9-12 month complete program plus ongoing support.Leah is a Licensed Coach for the Conscious Dating® program.  Program includes coaching calls, workbook exercises, experiential exercises, private FaceBook Group and access to Coach between calls.
  • 415•710•6615 or

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