Losing that lovin’ feeling with your partner?

I can help.  Call me for a free consultation and Relationship Assessment Session.  It really is free and there is no obligation of any kind.

Too many arguments.
Not enough sex.
Feeling lonely even when you’re together.
Doubting your partner’s love and commitment.
Feeling like you can’t be yourself.
Walking on eggshells in your own home.
Not knowing how to fix it.

Give yourself permission to connect to the incredible feelings you had when you and your beloved looked into your future together with love and bright anticipation…yeah, wasn’t it something?

Well, you can have that again.  Call me so I can get you started on the right track.  Even if we don’t work together, I’m committed to helping women couples improve the quality and longevity of their relationship.  And if we do end up working together, that’s great.  But you have to call me for the free consultation and assessment.  It’s free and there’s no obligation.  415•710•6615 or get on my calendar so I can call you.

female hand handing a rosebud to another female hand

Pretty amazing feelings, weren’t they?  And so strong…

Part of the change you might be feeling is the normal shift from falling in love to being in love and living life together with all of its ups and downs.

But for some of you, the changes are of a different kind.

Slowly, one argument at a time, one disappointment at a time, one betrayal here, a loss of trust there,
until one day you looked deeply into each other’s eyes and you realized that although you love each other, your relationship is no longer a source of joy.  Instead, it just hurt.

But you didn’t want to give up.

So you tried.  You talked.  You argued.  You started over.  You even went to counseling.  You meditated.  You read books.  Talked to friends.  Spent time apart.  Spent time together.  Consulted with your spiritual mentors.  Studied Tantra.  Took daily walks.  Went to 12-step meetings.  Went Vegan.  Argued some more.  Gave up, and tried again.  You wanted it to be good like it used to be, but you haven’t been able to get yourselves there again, and you don’t know why.

What would you say if I told you it’s possible to keep the partner you love, but have a relationship that is all that you ever hoped for,  like when you first fell in love?


Relationships flounder because couples settle.  They encounter challenges and end up settling for less than what they really want.  They operate on the mistaken belief that they have to sacrifice to make the relationship work.
The problem with that is couples fail to recognize settling breeds resentment.
Resentments fuel arguments and conflict.
Conflict undermines trust.
Without trust there is no intimacy, and
without intimacy there isn’t any sex, or closeness or fun times…and so on.

Until the day arrives when you realize you’re living like roommates–and unhappy ones, at that.

And yet, you still have this dream.  The dream of a relationship in which the two of you find your Happy Ever After.  I’m here to tell you that you can take your relationship Beyond Happy Ever After.  If both of you are committed to the effort and still love each other, you can have it.

So if you want to talk about fixing your relationship, reshaping it into the one you were meant to be in, call me.
We can talk about where you are and what you want, and we can make an appointment for your relationship assessment.  It is free and carries no obligation.  What you’ll come away with is an understanding of where your strengths are, and where your relationship is its most fragile. 

And whether we end up working together or not, you’ll be very clear about what the next steps for the two of you should be.
A phone call isn’t a commitment, but it could be the very best next step you could take for your relationship.  Go ahead and pick up the phone and find out.

Yours, always, in peace, love and service,


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