About Heart Compass & Me

Leah Cochrane here.  In case we haven’t met, please allow me to introduce myself.  I am a Love and Relationship Coach and Mentor, a Psychotherapist (in California), and a married queer woman who has been with the woman of my dreams happily for the last 21 years. I mention this relationship because it is part of who I am, and a large part of the reason I found my Mission in life.  That is to use what I know to assist other women (and men) to find their own true loves–especially those who rock with the same sex–and to co-create and sustain those relationships to be deeply satisfying, peaceful and truly intimate.

A radical idea, perhaps, that one can have a relationship that a) lasts, that b) remains romantic and fun even after the initial heat has burned down to a steady simmer, and that c) is marked by a deep and trusting closeness that makes for true partners in a spiritual sense as well as in a physical one.

Does it sound too good to be true?  Does it sound, well, kind of radical? It should.  Because it is radical.  It is radical in the sense that it is probably far different from any relationship you have had, but likely very much like the relationship and love you have longed for since the first time your heart was broken.

Here’s the good news–you can have the love, trust, closeness, peace, satisfaction, fun, hotness and sustainability in your relationship that you’ve longed for.  It isn’t asking for too much.  It isn’t asking for the impossible.  It’s just asking for what you deserve as a human being with a heart that loves and needs love in return.

Whether you are a couple asking whether there isn’t more to this “being in love” business, or you are a single person looking for that one special person to go on love’s great adventure with you, the path is there for you.  If you are someone who believes you have a “broken picker” when it comes to picking the right person to fall in love with, the path is there for you, as well.  If you are a couple deeply in love but who experience too much conflict, the path is there for you, too–as long as you both share the desire for the relationship of your dreams.

The path to unconditional love of a partner, a Radical Marriage© or Radical Romance© is the same for everyone, yet unique to your own journey–because you are unique.  It is hard work for a good part of the way, but the reward is great joy, much excitement and immense hope for what the future holds for the two of you.

Read my story below if you like.  It may help you to understand what it can mean to the quality of your life to seek a radical relationship, or even just to heal the wounds of the past that currently prevent you from experiencing the great joy of loving your chosen partner.

Leah’s Story

(coming soon)